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Mostly known for its hospitable nuns, Shaw island covers a charmingly tranquil piece of land. Stroll through the natural greens and sandy beach with your loved creating vivid mem

Day 1

Shaw Island

Leave the hustle-bustle of the city life and head off to Shaw Island for a tranquil solitude. Spend a peaceful day sailing on Lindeman Island. After anchoring at Burning Point anchorage for the night:
1. Relax and seek out the inner calm to soothe your soul and mind.
2. Delight in the pristine natural beauty of the surroundings.
3. Sit back and bask in the peace of the evening.

Day 2

Shaw Island → Whitehaven Beach → Tongue Bay

Cruise across Pentecost Island and Solway Passage while relishing in the beauty of the most splendid places of Whitsundays. Walk along the beach on crystalline sand, savour a lunch picnic. Revel the deserted splendour with the geological legacy of 98% silica constituted white sparkling sand covering nearly 5 kilometres. Soak up the gentle breathing of sea waves and squeaking of your footsteps. The overnight anchorage in Tongue Bay is a short ride from tongue point and hill inlet at the beach's north end. If the tide allows, a short, smooth ride and a walk lead to Hill Inlet's viewpoint. A platform lookout provides a magnificent contrasting view of sand swirls beneath Hill Inlet's water after a walk of 650 meters from the shore.

Day 3

Tongue Bay → Cid Harbour

Head to Cid Harbour motoring down the hook passage located between Hook and Whitsunday Island. Spend the rest of the day at Sawmill Beach. Walkthrough the strenuous track of 2.5km from Sawmill beach to reach the summit of Whitsunday Peak. We recommend to take plenty of water and comfortable footwear the way is a 437m climb walk and 4 hours round trip along a dry creek bed.

Day 4

Cid Harbour → Bauer Bay (South Molle Island)

Drive west towards the Molle Islands after a delicious breakfast in the quite. South Molle Island offers six promenades of different lengths and remarkable views of nature and surrounding islands. Devote the final night on water to Bauer Bay on South Molle Island.

Day 5

South Molle → Coral Sea Marina

Time to return to the daily grind of city life. The sail from Bauer Bay to Funrental Yachts base at Coral Sea Marina is only a couple of hours away.