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We recognized it, you recognized it. Anyone who caught even just one glimpse knew it. And now, what a proud moment it is for Whitehaven Beach to be officially recognised as the top instagrammable place in Queensland! To rejoice, we'd like to share our tips on when and where for exploring this magnificent beauty!


1. Utilise the viewing platform available at Tongue Bay or Betty's Beach to get Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet’s best views. The ideal time to avoid the crowds is before mid-morning or late in the afternoon.
2. Even better, catch a panoramic view. To pick you up from your yacht reserve an Air Whitsunday picturesque flight and take an aerial tour of the beach and surroundings.
3. Pack up your breakfast and move to watch the most dazzling sunrise of your life. Have a breakfast picnic before it gets crowded by mid-morning. Now, well stocked with some #bestvacationsever pictures for your Instagram, start posting.
4. Do not forget to choose your place wisely. Get an area of beach all to yourself, the target for mid-beach. explore two in one, the inlet and the beach both as the day boats less likely anchor at the mid-beach or opt for the south side of hill inlet,. Please find out more about Whitehaven Beach, check out our Suggested Itineraries, which includes all anchorages at this famous beach.